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Woodling: Jayhawks lead way on mythical Big 12 team

March 9, 2003


With 95 games down and one to go, here's my retrospective on the Big 12 Conference men's basketball race in an all-league format.

All-Big 12 Team

Nick Collison, Kansas
Hollis Price, Oklahoma
Kirk Hinrich, Kansas
T.J. Ford, Texas
Michel Morandais, Colorado

Note: Morandais came out of nowhere to claim the fifth slot, edging Missouri's Rickey Paulding and Arthur Johnson, and league scoring leader Andre Emmett of Texas Tech.

All-Freshman Team

Antoine Wright, Texas A&M;
Kevin Bookout, Oklahoma
Brad Buckman, Texas
Jimmy McKinney, Missouri
De'Angelo Alexander, Oklahoma

Note: It would be nice to call this one of the great Big 12 freshman crops, but that wouldn't be accurate.

All-Newcomer Team

Ricky Clemons, Missouri
Tony Allen, Oklahoma State
Andrew Drevo, Nebraska
Jeff Graves, Kansas
Jackson Vroman, Iowa State

Note: Vroman, apparently tired of all the bad-hair cracks, had a haircut last week.

All-United Nations Team

Gilson DeJesus, Kansas State (Brazil)
Michel Morandais, Colorado (French West Indies)
Stephane Pelle, Colorado (Cameroon)
Robert Tomaszek, Texas Tech (Poland)
Jozsef Szendrei, Oklahoma (Hungary)

Note: Pelle typified the Buffs. He played like Tarzan at home and like Jane on the road.

All-Lord of the Rings Team

Andrew Drevo, Nebraska
Bronsen Schliep, Nebraska
Adam Bohac, Nebraska
Garth Glissman, Nebraska
John Turek, Nebraska

Note: Frodo and Gandolf might not want to go to the two towers with these guys, though.

All-Mr. President Team

Marcus Jefferson, Iowa State
Quentin Buchanan, Kansas State
T.J. Ford, Texas
Josh Washington, Texas Tech
David Harrison, Colorado

Note: As far as I know, the Big 12 never has had a player named Millard Fillmore.

All-Pretty-Good-Player-on-Bad-Team Team

Jared Homan, Iowa State
Bernard King, Texas A&M;
Antoine Wright, Texas A&M;
Pervis Pasco, Kansas State
Andrew Drevo, Nebraska

Note: Pasco would be a great player if he had a shot.

All-Three-Point Shooter Team

Kirk Hinrich, Kansas
Hollis Price, Oklahoma
Gilson DeJesus, Kansas State
Blair Wilson, Colorado
Rickey Paulding, Missouri

Note: If I need a three-point goal, I want Price or Hinrich to shoot it.

All-Southpaw Team

Keith Langford, Kansas
Bernard King, Texas A&M;
Travon Bryant, Missouri
Gilson DeJesus, Kansas State
Nick Collison, Kansas

Note: Yeah, I know Collison is right-handed, but he can shoot left-handed, too.

All-Season Interrupted Team

Wayne Simien, Kansas
Jake Muhleisen, Nebraska
Nick Valdez, Texas Tech
Chris Alexander, Iowa State
Mookie Wright, Colorado

Note: Simien and Muhleisen both suffered season-ending injuries. Valdez and Alexander took hikes in February. Wright didn't come into CU's good graces until late February.

All-Underrated Team

Blair Wilson, Colorado
Quannas White, Oklahoma
Jabahri Brown, Oklahoma
James Thomas, Texas
Keith Langford, Kansas

Note: Put these five guys on the floor at the same time, and you surely wouldn't be embarrassed.

All-Overrated Team

David Harrison, Colorado
Andre Emmett, Texas Tech
Jake Sullivan, Iowa State
Lawrence Roberts, Baylor
Ebi Ere, Oklahoma

Note: Ere's late-season tailspin has been perhaps the league's biggest mystery.

All-Seven-Foot-Suspects Team

Tomas Ress, Texas A&M;
Andy Slocum, Texas A&M;
Frans Steyn, Oklahoma State
Andrew Skoglund, Iowa State
Brian Conklin, Nebraska

Note: These guys aren't much on the floor, but they look terrific in airports.

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