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Lawrence school board

Board considers energy contract

March 9, 2003


Bottom Line

The board will be asked to flip the switch on a proposed education and behavior-modification program to help cut energy costs.

A committee is recommending the district enter into an agreement with Energy Education of Wichita Falls, Texas. The company offers a "no-risk guarantee" that the district will save more than it invests in the program.


According to Energy Education's "savings matrix," the district would invest $184,000 in the first year of the program. That would cover fees to Energy Education and hiring of an energy manager.

Energy Education estimates net savings at $241,000 in the first year.

In a seven-year span, the company suggests that savings could top $3.1 million.

Other business

  • Recognize the school district as recipient of a "Gold Ribbon" designation by Expansion Management magazine.
  • Receive comments by Scott Morgan, board president; Randy Weseman, superintendent; and board members.
  • Consider setting staff levels in elementary and secondary schools for 2003-2004 and determine budget cuts that might prompt teacher layoffs.
  • Consider a contract with Energy Education of Wichita Falls, Texas, to help the district reduce energy costs.
  • Consider entering a one-year $30,110 contract with Preferred Lawn Service of Lawrence to fertilize general-use and sports competition turf areas as well as control weeds along fence lines and parking lots.
  • Consider raising summer-school fees by $10 each. The basic elementary class fee would be $80, with music increasing to $60. The basic secondary class fee would be $85.
  • Take final action on board policies related to district goals, school attendance areas, school year, new board member orientation, reimbursement of expenses, consultants, voting method, solicitations and computer use.
  • Receive a report on use of grants for improvement of reading and math instruction.
  • Receive a report on evaluation of class-size initiatives.

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