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Role models?

June 25, 2003


To the editor:

In December of 2002, very close friends of mine lost their son. Jeremy was 15 years old and killed by a drunk driver. The man who killed him was driving with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

As I write this, Jeremy's family is cutting the wheat on the central Kansas farm that he loved so much. I know their hearts are unbearably heavy as they face this harvest season without him. That is why I was astounded to read in the Journal-World that two of our state legislators are facing charges of driving while intoxicated. If that isn't shocking enough, one of them hit a vehicle driven by someone's child.

As adults, they should be aware of the laws and practice them for the safety of all of us on the public roads, but in particular, for the safety of our children. As they are legislators elected to lead the state of Kansas we should reasonably expect exemplary behavior. Although there are numerous options to driving drunk, it seems that common sense and abiding by the state laws are beyond the capabilities of these two supposed leaders. My hope is that when election time rolls around their constituents will remember and question whether they should be re-elected.

Criss Tomlin,


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