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In the halls

June 24, 2003


What do you like most about your instrument?

Asked at Kansas University's Murphy Hall

Hannah Nunnenkamp, Altoona, clarinetist
"It's easy and fun to play. You don't have to carry around a big tuba or a little piccolo."

Michael Reichman, Overland Park, flutist
"The best thing about playing flute is it's a predominantly female instrument, so the guy gets all the chicks."

Lauren Hays, Overland Park, flutist
"I like how pretty it sounds, and it's really lightweight."

John Campos, Topeka, clarinetist
"I like the clarinet because it's light to carry around, and there aren't a lot of good players for a lot of competition."

Erica Nightengale, Dodge City, flutist
"I like it because it comes easy to me and it's pretty."

Joe Davis, Fulton, Mo., trombonist
"I like that I can play in jazz band or regular concert band."

Shauna Ozark, Lawrence, cellist
"It's fun to play."

Sally Campbell, Lawrence, violin, piano and voice
"I like my instruments because the strings are classical and they have a unique sound quality."

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