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Survey gauges hair habits

June 22, 2003


— Women around the country are just about equally stressed about their tresses, but, depending on location, their specific hair concerns vary.

In New York, for instance, women worry about frizz, while in Chicago they complain about "limp locks."

London-based stylist Charles Worthington commissioned an online survey of 500 women in Tampa, Fla., Phoenix, Chicago, San Francisco and New York by research company Youth Intellegencer after he opened his first salon in the United States in the SoHo district of Manhattan. He says he wanted to know more about the women's hair-care habits.

Chicago women invest the most time on their hair with nearly one-quarter of that city's respondents devoting up to 30 minutes a day. During the summer, 40 percent of these women wear their hair up in ponytails, barrettes and braids.

Probably because of the "frizz factor," New York women often choose to wear their naturally wavy or curly during the day, but they do straighten it when going out at night.

Women in Phoenix wash their hair most often, with 63 percent of respondents saying they shampoo daily.

Tampa women complain of damage, dryness and limp locks, which they attribute to a sunny and humid climate. In the evening, they are most likely to curl their hair, and hairspray is their favorite product.

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