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Letter from Vickie Chandlee Robertson

June 14, 2003


The following is the text of a letter from Vickie Chandlee Robertson to be read to the court concerning the sentencing of Damien Lewis.

To the Honorable Judge

I know that we will never understand the reasoning behind Damien Lewis killing Wyona and Pete. I know in my heart that God doesn't understand why Damien did what he did. Wyona and Pete were two very good people that would never hurt anyone. They were so full of life and had some living to do but Damien Lewis came along and took that away.

Wyona had just gotten to know her first great grandson (age 3). Her granddaughter was just getting to renew her relationship with her grandma and share her son with her. Now they have nothing. Yes, there will be some memories for the granddaughter to fall back on, but there were a few years that they were separated and can never be made up now. Damien Lewis took that away from them.

I am only an ex-daughter-in-law, but I was still considered part of the family because of my daughter. I will be able to remember Wyona for the person she was. It hurts to know that she will never know how much she meant to my daughter, my grandson and myself because of Damien Lewis' callous and reckless behavior. I can only pray that someday Damien will find out the reason he did what he did and seek true forgiveness from the families and make some sort of retribution to God for his actions. "An eye for an eye" should still be a law but since it isn't Life Without Parole will have to do. Please, do not let this man free.

Thank you


Vickie Chandlee Robertson

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