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Letter from Crystal Seward

June 14, 2003


The following is the text of a letter from Crystal Seward to be read to the court concerning the sentencing of Damien Lewis.

Your Honor,

I am writing this to you to confirm the maximum sentencing hearing for Damien Lewis. He has caused much damage and pain to our family and friends.

First off, I feel he had no right to take the lives of Pete Wallace and Wyona Chandlee. He did not only take my grandparents but also major contributors to the community. Damien Lewis murdered two people only because they walked into their own home, something we all do everyday.

In Jan of 2000, I became very ill and spent 23 days in the hospital in and out of surgery. Pete did not want my mom to drive to Pittsburg alone so he insisted on taking her. He came and visited me, brought me gifts, he also sat out in the waiting room and truck so my mom and I could have time together. That afternoon Pete took mom out to lunch at Cafe De Rio, and he brought me up food and insisted I eat. I then gave him a hug, told him thank you and how much I loved him, and appreciated what he has done for me.

I remember twelve years ago when mom and Dean met our family was introduced to Wyona and Ellis. Wyona hugged me and asked me why are you so scared, just call me grandma Wy.

For every holiday, even in the wintertime we had homemade ice cream with toppings. I enjoyed eating meals with them as well. Grandma Wy knew I liked her pork chops, so when I was in town she would have plenty of them cooked up for me. Pete had a unique veg salad called dump salad. When he found out I liked it I became his new buddy. The last Thanksgiving we all had together he told me, Crystal, you're not leaving this table or this town until we finish all 2 gallons of my famous dump salad. Grandma Wy then responded, "Pete, you're going to give the poor girl heartburn for life."

One of my fondest memories is the Christmas stockings Grandma made for us twelve years ago. For every new member of the family and grandchild she made sure she had one made. She left no one out. She made me always feel like a part of the family. I love her and miss her dearly. Pete and I had always been close as well, our pitch games, he would pick on grandma to make laughter, and shoot the moon in a game of pitch no matter if he had the cards or not.

Your honor, these are a few but good memories I have of grandma and Pete. I am asking you to please give Damien Lewis the maximum sentence to all courts and charges for the crimes he has committed. He has taken 2 precious lives from us, but not the memories. Grandma Wy, and Papa Pete, you may rest in peace now, and forever.

Crystal Seward

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