Job recruiters offers advice for unemployed

It’s no secret to the jobless how difficult it is to find a new position, with the average U.S. worker’s job search now more than four months.

But you can do more during that interim than just mail resumes and fret, according to Management Recruiters International Inc., a Cleveland-based talent-recruitment firm. Their tips:

  • Return to school. It’s wise to maximize any advantage you can gain over competing job applicants.
  • Consider switching industries. This remains one of the tried-and-true methods of landing a new job — align your search with those fields needing workers.
  • Accept a temporary position. These often can lead to a permanent position, and it can give you a prime opportunity to demonstrate your skills to the employer.
  • Volunteer. You have the time; it keeps you busy, helps your community and can be an important addition to your resume. Plus, it can be a great way to network, MRI noted.

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