9-year-old abducted, mother beaten

? The man who abducted a 9-year-old girl and attacked her mother and brother had waited in his car outside their home until the girl returned alone after school, police said Saturday after watching a neighbor’s home surveillance video.

Jennette Tamayo was still missing Saturday and presumed to be with the man, who brutally attacked her mother and brother Friday after they arrived home and then drove off with his tires screeching and the terrified girl in the back seat.

The mother and 15-year-old brother told police they did not recognize the intruder. The woman was badly beaten, but checked herself out of a hospital to help with the case, police Sgt. Steve Dixon said Saturday. The 15-year-old also was released.

Investigators said they had few leads Saturday as they prepared to release a sketch of the man as well as the grainy video that showed him getting out of his car and approaching the house within minutes of Jennette’s arrival.

“It does appear he’s waiting for this victim to get home,” Dixon said.

Police initially thought it might have been a burglary gone wrong, but the man took only a few token items, and the video suggested he did not try to conceal that he was targeting the Tamayo home, Dixon said.

Police described the intruder as short and in his early 20s. He also has a deep scratch on his face from the struggle with Jennette’s mother.

Jennette, a fourth-grader with long brown hair streaked with blonde, usually spent afternoons with a baby sitter, police said, but on Friday no one was home when she returned.