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Nobel winner in custody

June 1, 2003


— Myanmar's military junta detained pro-democracy activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi and closed her party's headquarters Saturday, jeopardizing efforts to restore civilian rule in the troubled southeast Asian nation.

Suu Kyi and 19 members of her National League for Democracy party were put into "protective custody" after a clash between her supporters and thousands of pro-junta protesters in the country's north Friday, Brig. Gen. Than Tun said.

He said four people were killed and 50 injured, though Suu Kyi and her supporters were unhurt.

There were no independent accounts of the violence, which Than Tun said erupted when Suu Kyi's motorcade entered the town of Dipeyin, part of her monthlong tour of the north.

About 5,000 people were waiting in the streets, angered by Suu Kyi's recent negative comments about the military government, Than Tun said. A scuffle around her motorcade turned into a two-hour fight that police had to break up.

Than Tun denied that Suu Kyi's car had been shot at.

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