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Behind the Lens

Staff photographer flipped for this image

July 20, 2003


EDITORS NOTE: This is the first in an ongoing series called 'Behind the Lens.' Each week, the Journal-World photo staff will select an image that ran in the newspaper during the previous week. We'll reprint the image inside Sunday's Arts & Living section, where the photographer will explain what's going on in the shot, how it was composed and why it was ultimately chosen above others for print. If you're wondering how a certain picture was created, nominate it for 'Behind the Lens' by contacting chief photographer Mike Yoder at 832-7141 or

Photographer: Thad Allender

Camera: Nikon D1X

Lens (mm): 17

ISO: 200

Aperture: 5.6

Shutter: 1/400

This photo was taken beneath a trampoline looking skyward as two boys took turns doing front flips on July 8 in East Lawrence. The circular pattern was created by the trampoline. I composed the image so that the trees framed the boys as they bounced and exposed for the sky so the subjects would remain in silhouette. I shot around 30 frames and decided this one worked best since it captured one boy head-over-heels and the other isolated against the blue sky.

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