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Smoking ban

January 19, 2003


To the editor:

I read the article in the Jan. 11 LJW about Salina's smoking ban.

A smoking ban in public places is overdue for Lawrence. Communities across the nation are moving in this direction. The Jan. 15 LJW reported a smoking ban in residence halls at the University of Michigan. Alan Levy, director of housing, was quoted as saying, "the rights of a nonsmoker to protect his or her health will take precedence over those who want to smoke." I cannot say it better.

Banning smoking from public places is not a ban on smoking. It is a ban on the disregard of the rights of non-smokers.

Some will say that I should avoid smokers. I say I have a right of access to public places without jeopardizing my health.

Some will say a smoking ban will hurt local businesses. I disagree. The key is to treat all businesses equally. A smoking ban must be uniformly applied, not subject to times, business types or grandfather clauses. Local businesses will benefit from a properly implemented smoking ban, because they will add non-smokers to their clientele.

It is time for Lawrence to ban smoking in buildings open to the public. On Jan. 11, the LJW reported that the city commission wants the community to weigh in on this issue. Vice Mayor David Dunfield says he hasn't heard from many constituents about the subject. Lawrence is past due for a solution to this problem. If you agree, tell your city commission.

Todd L. Crenshaw,


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