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Shooting victim recounts ordeal; suspect to stand trial

February 14, 2003


A Lawrence woman who survived being shot four times appeared Thursday in Douglas County District Court to identify the man she claims tried to kill her.

"He kept on smiling. He kept on smirking" as he fired the shots, survivor Lois A. Brockman said during a preliminary hearing before Judge Michael Malone.

The man Brockman accused is 19-year-old Antonio E. Floyd, who was wanted by police at the time of the Nov. 5 shooting and had been in and out of police custody during the months beforehand.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Floyd was ordered to stand trial.

Floyd entered an innocent plea to attempted first-degree murder, aggravated intimidation of a witness and aggravated burglary, which are all felonies. He also pleaded innocent to sexual battery, a misdemeanor.

Floyd sat silently in a red jumpsuit as Brockman gave her version of the shooting.

Brockman said she had bought drugs from Floyd -- who she said was known to acquaintances as "Pack" or "Lay Low." Brockman said a few days before Nov. 5, Floyd visited her. He told her he was out of jail on bond for a federal cocaine-dealing case and said that she should not testify against him in the case.

At the time, Floyd also had an arrest warrant in Douglas County for allegedly firing a gun into a girlfriend's parked car on July 11. The District Attorney's Office dismissed the charges in the case Thursday because prosecutors couldn't find a witness.

During Thursday's testimony, Brockman recalled that Floyd knocked on her door in the early morning on Nov. 5 and she let him in.

Brockman asked Floyd to leave after he began fondling her, she said. After a few minutes, he put on a pair of black gloves and pulled out a gun, she said.

"He shot me twice in my chest," she said. "I looked down and I saw blood trickling down my shirt."

She said he shot her two more times in the head as she tried to shelter herself against a piece of furniture.

"Blood started gushing out of my right eye. He shot me in the back of my head. He stepped over me, smiled, let himself out and closed the door," she said.

Floyd's jury trial is scheduled to begin May 12.

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