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Panel endorses sex offender bill

February 14, 2003


— Sex offenders who study or work at Kansas' public universities and certain other schools would have to register with state and local authorities under a bill endorsed by a committee Thursday.

The requirement would apply at all Board of Regents institutions -- community colleges, vocational-technical schools and the six universities.

Another provision of the bill, which was endorsed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, would require sexual offenders who move to Kansas from other states to register with county sheriffs or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Offenders would have 10 days to notify authorities of their change in address, employment or education status. Registration would be required for any offenders coming to Kansas for a minimum of two weeks.

Current law only applies to Kansas residents and does not require registration when sex offenders enroll in or go to work at the Regents schools.

Sheriffs would be required to notify offenders of the new registration requirements.

Sen. Ed Pugh, R-Wamego, did not support the measure in committee but said he would vote for it in the full Senate.

Pugh said the bill would not discourage sexual offenders from moving to Kansas or becoming associated with the Regents schools.

"I hope the public doesn't take too much comfort in this," Pugh said.

Sexual offender bill is SB 64.

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