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House approves bill on security at utilities

February 14, 2003


— A bill intended to encourage utilities to continue improving their security measures passed the House on Thursday and went to the Senate.

The measure, approved 93-29, would extend for another year the state's policy of making it easier for utilities to recover the cost of security upgrades at plants or computer systems.

A 2002 law allows utilities to bypass the normal process of seeking rate increases before the Kansas Corporation Commission, asking the KCC to review only their security expenses. If the KCC deems those expenses "prudent," they are passed on to customers.

The law is to expire July 1, but the KCC last week approved regulations on how it will determine whether a security expense is prudent.

Supporters said allowing utilities to recover their costs would encourage them to prepare for possible terrorist attacks.

Utility security bill is HB 2037.

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