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Consolidate board

February 14, 2003


To the editor:

Board of education campaign slogans are here.

"A vote for me is a vote for the bond issue is a vote for our kids!" Hogwash!

"Vote for me. I'm against consolidation. Save our neighborhoods!" Sorry. This is not a single-issue decision.

Last bond issue, the public was given our district needs in a small dose because the need for Langston Hughes was so great. Bond authors did not want to take any chances. This time we see the inclusion of a mountain of other facility needs. Now comes the "big pill." Get ready to swallow it or vote "against our kids!"

Talk about poor timing (BOE elections; economic downturn) polarizing our community all over again. With shriveled up operating budgets, the focus must be on the remaining programs, Lawrence Education Assn., administration job descriptions. Facilities need only be safe.

Consolidation? There are no new ideas about consolidation from the 1997 initiative. At least one does exist, though. BOE, lead by example -- consolidate yourself! Sell your luxury suites at 110 McDonald Dr. and sell the maintenance barn at 146 Maine. Move into SJHS and build a new maintenance facility. Build onto Centennial and open up your new junior high campus there. Create 2-3 section schools by dividing K-3 and 4-6 in all appropriate elementary school buildings. Keep all-day kindergarten and early childhood readiness in every school possible.

Don't waste our assets. Invest in every building in every neighborhood. The entire city needs it!

Rudy Conrad,


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