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Board candidates share plans during online chats

February 14, 2003


Here are excerpts from Thursday night's online chats with Sue Morgan and Michael Pomes. Pomes is running for the first time; Morgan is running for re-election to the Lawrence school board:

Michael Pomes

Jill: How do you propose the district balance its operating budget if the bond does not pass?

Pomes: We will need to take the initiative to request greater support from the business community, make greater use of educational foundations, and see if any consolidation in services could be achieved from looking at city and county governments. Perhaps the local neighborhoods could also chip in by helping out with grounds maintenance.

John: There was a big power outage on the south side of town. South Junior High's rapidly aging boiler blew a motor and thus, no heat tomorrow. It is difficulties like these that make the replacement of South so important. Is there any part of the bond issue that you are in favor of?

Pomes: Given the situation you described, the replacement of South is very necessary. I am in favor of replacing South. My daughter Sarah went to South and my younger daughter will also attend South in a few years. I want Jennifer to be in a better building. ...

Sue Morgan

A.M.: What do you think is the real reason so may parents have chosen to home school or private school for their children?

Morgan: I think it's a combination of reasons including reaction to publicized incidents of school violence like Columbine, religious beliefs and a desire to integrate these into children's education experience, and the desire of some parents to give their children a different curriculum than what is offered in public school. Many private schools can offer smaller class sizes and they are not held to the same statutory requirements and standards that public schools are. That flexibility is appealing to some.

swingin' single: I don't have children in the Lawrence district. Why should I vote for the bond issue?

Morgan: Do you depend on workers in the community to serve your needs? Medical personnel, the people who handle your retirement, the guy or gal who fixes your car, etc. etc. How well they perform is in large part dependent on how good an education they got!

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