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Don’t beat around the bush when giving flowers

February 8, 2003


This year, tell your valentine exactly how you feel using the language of flowers.

Calla lilies translate into "you are one hot babe!"

Ferns: "I find you fascinating."

Indeed, the passed-down-through-time meanings of flowers are surprisingly specific. And they work for any stage of romance, including that delicate first blossoming -- or not -- of love.

Of course, the Valentine's Day favorite, roses, do express love, but only if the blooms are red. Otherwise, be careful: Yellow roses signify friendship or waning love, pink ones mean it's got to be secret, and white blandly suggests worthiness. And whatever you do, don't call your valentine an ingrate by dethorning the stems.

Apart from a few such sticky details, the emotions of love and affection have the largest vocabulary of flowers. And the choices are appropriately lovely:

  • Alstroemeria, azalea, baby's breath, forget-me-nots, pansies, water lilies, violets and some geraniums show various levels of devotion, admiration and interest.
  • Carnations, red mums, honeysuckle, ivy, fuchsia, ranunculas, passion flower, saffron and tulips signify everything from panting enthusiasm to love most pure. And stephanotis, always popular in bridal bouquets, attest to married bliss.
  • Camellias (white), dahlias, colored daisies, gardenia, hibiscus, hyacinth (white), stock, sunflowers (big) tell your valentine she's lovely, refined and elegant.

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