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Excited fans

February 7, 2003


To the editor:

About the students who rushed the court: I am born and raised in Lawrence, I am a KU graduate. I remember watching Jo Jo White play and yelling at Norm Stewart to "sit down." The evening was loaded with excitement from the beginning.

We are talking about 18- to 22-year-old "kids." They had witnessed the losses to Colorado and Arizona. They had camped out for many days to get their seats. They witnessed a KU team that wouldn't give up, a team that came from behind to take the lead. They watched as T.J. Ford tries a three-point shot at the buzzer and misses! They couldn't contain themselves with all the energy they had built up thanks to a great KU team who gave it their all.

Some say KU has too much class to rush the court after a home win. I don't believe there is anyone who didn't have just a shadow of a doubt that KU might lose its second straight home game. And why equate rushing the court with class? Equate it to a celebration of witnessing one of the best basketball games ever.

They celebrated without tearing down nets; without hurting anyone. They celebrated a team that showed that Kansas basketball is one of the most exciting games around, and sometimes, just sometimes, it is extremely hard to hold that excitement in.

Patti Green,


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