What are you reading?

Amanda Barker, KU senior, Topeka

“Right now I’m reading ‘The Lonely Guy and the Slightly Older Guy’ by Bruce Friedman. It’s really funny. I enjoy it.”

Sky Laverentz, KU law student, Lawrence

“I just read ‘The Return of the King’ by Tolkien.”

Bill Church, unemployed, Lawrence

“Right now I’m reading ‘Dragon Prince’ by Melanie Rawn, ‘Dragon-lance Volume 3: Test of the Twins’ and one of the latest Star Wars novels.”

Kristen Lewis, KU graduate, Lawrence

“I’m trying to read ‘Fast Food Nation’ but haven’t finished it.”

Rory Flynn, KU junior, St. Louis

“‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac. It’s a great book, but I haven’t had much time to read it.”