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Pet briefs

December 28, 2003


Postal service sells out of animal stamps

In September, the U.S. Postal Service issued two commemorative spay/neuter stamps featuring Kirby the puppy and Samantha the kitten. The stamps not only broadcast the importance of preventing overpopulation, but they have now sold out of their initial run of 250 million.

A consortium of animal-welfare, humane and rescue groups is lobbying the postal service to issue a reprint. For more information, as well as sample letters to send the USPS, visit

Runny nose can mean infection in pet

When a dog's nose runs, pay close attention to the color.

People get runny noses because we have lots of histamine in our noses, whereas for pets, their skin contains the bulk of their histamine. Allergies in humans cause runny noses and itchy eyes, whereas in dogs, allergies typically cause itchy skin.

When a dog's nose runs, you should check the color of the discharge to determine whether the problem is serious. For example, a viral infection can cause a clear, watery discharge that, like a human cold, will clear up on its own.

According to "Symptoms and Solutions" by Rodale Press, bacterial and fungal infections, which can cause a bloody, thick, milky or green discharge from the nose can be serious and should cause you to immediately take your pet to the veterinarian.

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