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Mangino, staffers receive bonuses

KU coach awarded $20K; other assistants get between $7K-13K

December 24, 2003


Employees in the Kansas University football office will receive more than $136,000 in bonus money as rewards for the Jayhawks' appearance in a bowl game.

According to information supplied to the Journal-World by the KU business and financial planning office, two dozen people connected with the football program will find extra money in their year-end paychecks.

Head coach Mark Mangino will receive the largest bonus, an additional $20,000 from Kansas University Athletic Corp. coffers. In addition, a group of donors will pool money to supply Mangino with a new BMW automobile.

Mangino's assistant coaches also will be rewarded. Each will receive about 8.3 percent of his annual salary in bonus money.

For example, offensive coordinator Nick Quartaro and defensive coordinator Bill Young have salaries of $155,000 a year, and each will receive an extra $12,958.34.

Other Mangino aides and their bonuses are: Pat Henderson, $9,141.57; Ed Warriner, $9,166.67; Tyrone Dixon, $8,983.34; Dave Doeren, $8,333.34; Earnest Collins, $7,583.34; Clint Bowen, $7,333.34; and Brandon Blaney, $7,333.34.

"I think they deserve to be rewarded," said Mike Maddox, a Lawrence banker who is an alumni member of the KUAC board. "They've had a great year, and the program has made great strides."

Not every member of the KUAC board was pleased, however.

Bill Tuttle, a professor of history, said he hadn't heard anything about the bonuses until informed Tuesday night by the Journal-World.

"I think they are more than adequately compensated for what they do," Tuttle said. "I don't think any faculty members ever receive a bonus for a book award or a science project."

Tom Mulinazzi, a professor of engineering who serves as chair of the KUAC board, said he, too, had not heard about the bonuses and said he didn't want to comment until he had been informed officially.

Among the other bonuses were $7,750 to strength coach Chris Dawson, $5,958.34 to director of football operations George Matsakis and $4,905.83 to football trainer Carol Jarosky.

The remaining bonuses ranged from $3,311.17 for equipment manager Jeff Himes to $250 for a couple of part-time employees.

Mangino, whose official salary is $129,380 -- same as basketball coaches Bill Self and Marian Washington -- has a total compensation package believed to be in the $700,000 to $800,000 range. The largest piece of that package is a radio/TV and endorsement package reportedly in the $500,000-a-year range.

In his second year as coach, Mangino guided the Jayhawks to a 6-6 regular-season record and to their first bowl appearance since 1995. KU bowed to North Carolina State, 56-26, Monday night in the Tangerine Bowl.

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