Records will be released, but likely will reveal little

? Prosecutors in the sexual assault case against Kobe Bryant said Thursday they would not appeal a judge’s order to release some of the sealed court records.

The documents slated for release would not threaten Bryant’s right to a fair trial or the privacy rights of the woman who accused the NBA superstar of rape, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said.

Last week, Judge Frederick Gannett ruled the arrest warrant and related documents could be released to the public. More detailed documents, including the arrest affidavit and search warrant, were to remain sealed. Gannett put his order on hold and gave attorneys 10 days to appeal.

The documents Gannett said could be released are likely to reveal little that is not publicly known about the case, legal experts say.

Among those documents the judge said will remain sealed are those containing “factual statements describing graphic details of the alleged sexual encounter,” medical test results, evidence that can be challenged in court and the statements of potential witnesses.

Bryant has said his 19-year-old accuser had consensual sex with him June 30 at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, where she worked and he was a guest. Bryant, who is free on $25,000 bond, is scheduled to return to Eagle, Colo., for an Oct. 9 preliminary hearing.