Kansas town to consider nude dancing ban

? A Baxter Springs councilman has proposed banning nude dancing within the city limits and has asked Cherokee County to do the same.

City Councilman Dusty Deringer made the proposal after a rumor surfaced that a building being constructed in the county would be a nude-dancing establishment. Deringer also sent a letter to the Cherokee County commissioners asking them to prohibit such clubs in the county.

The City Council is expected to address the proposal at its Sept. 9 meeting.

Deringer said nude-dancing clubs depreciate property values, have the potential to increase prostitution and the risk for sexually transmitted diseases, and may promote organized crime.

“I’m not here to judge people for dancing naked,” he said. “I’m here to protect the interest of people who elected me.”

Deringer said many residents have approached him to find a way to prevent such businesses from opening in town.

“I believe a majority of the council members will vote in favor of it,” Deringer said.