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On campus

August 16, 2003


What will Kansas University be like in 2013?

Mark Molner, junior, Lenexa
"I think it will be more commercialized. Coke won't be the only thing you see everywhere. I think there will be a lot more expansion into west campus, maybe more dorms."

Patrick Landazuri, junior, Milwaukee, Wis.
"More expensive."

Joni Jorgensen, junior, Wichita
"We'll have three national championships."

Mary Jo Spreitzer, junior, Overland Park
"2013 sounds like a really unlucky year. I'm glad I'm not going to be here."

Nathan Bolin, junior, Rochester, Minn.
"I think it'll be pretty much the same. We've had traditions for a long time. Hopefully the basketball team will be better."

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