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KU First goals

August 16, 2003


Here's a breakdown of the $500 million goal for the Kansas University Endowment Association's "KU First: Invest in Excellence":


Undergraduate scholarships, $73 million

Law and medical scholarships, $12 million

Graduate fellowships, $20 million

Study abroad scholarships, $5 million

Two new scholarship halls, $6 million

Total: $116 million


Distinguished professorships, $50 million

Teaching and research professorships, $24 million

Faculty scholars, $12 million

Teaching and research awards, $5 million

Total: $91 million


Medical research building, $30 million

Institute for Genetics Medicine, $18 million

Research facilities and equipment, Lawrence campus, $12 million

Hoglund Brain Imaging Center, $10 million

Institute for Brain Research, $10 million

Kansas Cancer Institute, $5 million

Cardiovascular research, $5 million

Medical research support, $4 million

Total: $94 million


KU Med Health System, $14 million

Primary Care and Public Health, Wichita Campus, $5 million

Institute for Child Development, $1 million

Center for Urban Child Health, $1 million

Dole Institute of Politics, $3 million

Hartley Family Center for Hearing Impaired Children, $1 million

Total: $25 million

Science Education

Undergraduate natural sciences laboratory, $30 million

Biodiversity research center, $15 million

Total: $45 million

KU Information Technology

Engineering laboratory building, $15 million

Information technology for teaching and research, $10 million

Library acquisitions and support, $10 million

Total: $35 million

Arts and Humanities

Facilities for performing and visual arts, $20 million

Hall Center for the Humanities, $6 million

Lied Center programming, $2 million

Total: $28 million

Sense of Place First

Student athletics facilities, $45 million

Edwards Campus, $10 million

Lawrence campus master plan, $8 million

Kansas Alumni Association and Center, $3 million

Total:$66 million

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