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August 16, 2003


The River City Lions Club recently elected officers for the 2003-2004 year. They are Jeff King, president; Scott Rustenhoven, first vice president; Kathy Sanders, second vice president; Mary Margaret Rowen, secretary; Cheryl Travis, treasurer; Lori Miller, membership chairwoman; David Travis, director; and Stacy Robarge, director.


The 299ers Duplicate Bridge Club's Aug. 6 game was stratified, used the Howell movement and was directed by Eldon Herd.

Ilsa Steinhardt and Betty Spalsbury won the A session. Julie Ward and Ann Thompson placed second in A and first in B and C. Frances Vogel and Dorothy Arth placed third in A. Judy Bevan and John Gilbert placed fourth in A and second in B. Don Daugherty and Harry Talley placed fifth in A, followed by Eldon Herd and Glenna Herd. Artie Shaw and Albert Ballard placed second in C.


The TGIF Duplicate Bridge Club's Aug. 8 game used the Mitchell movement and was directed by Sally Taylor.

The North-South winners were Phyllis Brownlee and Betty Collier, followed by Suzanne Wassmer and Shirlie Vaughn. Kent McCullough and Clyde Romer placed third.

The East-West winners were Madelyn Jenks and Mona Bell, followed by Patt Radford and Sally Taylor. Bebe Huxtable and Ilse Steinhardt tied for third place with Harriett Olson and Nita Scales.


The Lawrence Duplicate Bridge Club's Monday evening game was stratified, used the Mitchell movement and was directed by Virginia Seaver.

The North-South winners were Terry Tolar and Bill Schutzel, followed by Patt Radford and Betty Collier. Sally Taylor and Shirlie Vaughn placed third in A and first in B. Dave Piro and Donna Johnson placed fourth in A. Chris Lane and Shirley Reese placed second in B. Martie Hartman and Pat Burgstahler placed first in C.

The East-West winners were Chuck Hedges and Yvonne Hedges, followed by Madelyn Jenks and Phyllis Brownlee. Virginia Seaver and Paul Heitzman placed third in A, while Frances Vogel and Alice Leitch placed fourth in A, third in B and first in C. Cathy Blumenfeld and Michael Blumenfeld placed second in C.


The University Bridge Club announces winners of its Aug. 9 game. Hosts were Don and Jean Whitaker and Henry and Gini Wigington.

The blue winners were Leonard Fleske, first; Don Whitaker, second, and Bud Lukens, third.

The pink winners were Bette Lukens, first; Jean Dunn, second, and Mildred Hoffman, third.

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