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Cellular blessing

A Tonganoxie farmer proves that all cell phones aren’t always a nuisance.

August 16, 2003


Regardless of the problems cell telephones can pose, they certainly have their merits, as illustrated by the recent experience of a Tonganoxie farmer.

Russ Haring was pinned to the ground Monday when his pickup truck rolled onto his legs and stomach. He was alone but he was able to reach his cell phone to call on 911 for help via the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department.

The 79-year-old Haring was held to the ground and might well have died had there not been prompt aid, thanks to the phone. Speedy response and quick action by officers got Haring out of trouble. They agree that had he been there much longer he might have died. At last reports he was in fair condition and recovering at the Kansas University Medical Center.

When we see people operating motor vehicles while using cell phones, are forced to listen to conversations we don't care about in public places and have our tranquility wrecked by the ringing of a "cell," we are inclined to curse the devices.

Then come situations like Haring's, when the little gimmicks prove just how valuable they can be. Think of the people in emergencies who have been able to get out of danger or receive help and suddenly the cell phone takes on another image.

Truth is, the cell phone, which can rescue a woman with a night-time flat tire or someone about to be accosted in a dark parking lot, has more good points than bad ones. Saved lives and resolutions of emergencies attest to that.

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