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Blackout affects some with Lawrence ties

August 16, 2003


Here's how the power outage affected a few people with ties to Lawrence:

  • Amy Turnbull Khare, a Lawrence native and Kansas University graduate, was without power for about 22 hours in Ann Arbor, Mich.

She said she initially worried the outage was an act of terrorism, but she tried to balance those fears with a desire to enjoy the moment. Eventually, the latter won out.

"I went on my bicycle through all the neighborhoods in Ann Arbor. People were out in hordes with their neighbors grilling and drinking beer," she said. "We ended up having a barbecue and having friends over. ... It was a wonderful night."

Turnbull Khare works at a nonprofit agency that manages housing properties for people with special needs. She spent Friday morning grilling steak at one of the apartment complexes and trying to ease residents' fears.

  • Susie Lobb, a 1997 KU graduate in English, lives in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, about 20 miles from Niagara Falls.

Strangely, she and many others who live close to the falls didn't lose power, aside from a few flickers.

They get their juice from the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station, which she said was unaffected.

"I've heard stories that it was because of the work of some smart person at the station, and I've heard stories that it just had enough power," said Lobb, who works for a company that offers bicycling vacations and tours. "Life went on as usual."

  • Jose Chang, an aspiring percussionist who moved to New York in November after studying music at KU, was working out at his neighborhood gym when the power went out.

He and his roommate went out to see the sights Thursday night instead of sitting in the heat at their midtown apartment, which sits above a Chinese restaurant.

"We decided, 'Let's take a walk. We can't watch TV. We can't play video games or anything like that.' A lot of people were sitting out on their stoops," he said. "It seems like when the electricity's on, everybody's isolated."

His power didn't come back on until Friday evening, more than 24 hours after it shut off, he said.

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