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Group promotes day of volunteering to honor 9-11 victims

August 13, 2003


— A group of Sept. 11 victims' families wants to turn the bleakness of the anniversary of terror into a yearly push for good works and kindness to others.

Soon after the 2001 attacks, the nonprofit group One Day's Pay began planning to ask communities to honor those who died by volunteering their energy or money for good causes.

"It's a simple idea," said David Paine, a public relations executive who is president of One Day's Pay. "All we're saying to people is, observe Sept. 11 by doing something good for someone else."

Organizers said the concept was inspired by the passengers on ill-fated United Airlines Flight 93, which terrorists crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

The group's founders include Alice Hoglan of California, whose son, Mark Bingham, died in the crash.

"The purpose of One Day's Pay is to act as a vehicle for us to convert that awful negative energy that was generated that day into something truly beautiful, altruistic, constructive and uplifting," she said.

The name One Day's Pay refers to the idea of giving at least one day's service to communities each year. Organizers of One Day's Pay said they have pledges from more than 100 organizations to take part in charitable efforts this year.

The Roger Hill Volunteer Center, a service of the United Way of Douglas County, is coordinating service projects for One Day's Pay. Groups or individuals wanting to participate may contact the center at 865-5030

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