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Mountain lions

August 12, 2003


To the editor:

Mountain lions are here.

I just read the paper and saw that another mountain lion is in the area. That is way cool to see.

I used to be a daily hunter and have slowed down a lot in recent years. I have seen six or eight mountain lions and, trust me, they are wild and they are here.

I used to use a call to draw in coyotes and had the opportunity to call in a very large brown cat and it was awesome to see her jump 15 feet to land on the tape recorder. Didn't take but about .002 of a second for it to jump right back into the thickets, when it realized it was just a tape recording of a wounded rabbit.

There is a very large mountain lion that runs the banks of the Wakarusa River, just west of Eudora. She has had as many as two cubs with her at times, and a day after a snow, her tracks come up as close as the entrance to Rose Acres.

Most of the others I have seen were out on the west side of Clinton Lake and along the Wakarusa River south of Lawrence. They are very timid, and most people will never get to see one, due to being too impatient and too noisy. I have never felt like I was in danger and hope they survive well in the area. Besides, they will eat some of the gazillion deer in the area.

Matt Montgomery,


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