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Area fishing report

August 10, 2003


(Latest update in parentheses)

CLINTON LAKE (8-7) -- Water 82 degrees and .2 of a foot below normal level. Channel catfish good with lots of fish being caught over baited areas using nightcrawlers, livers and prepared baits. Crappie fair using minnows and jigs at 10-12 feet over brush. Some also being caught along deep channels at 17-30 feet. White bass fair trolling rattletraps and other shad imitation lures.

PERRY LAKE (8-6) -- Water 83 degrees and 3.1 feet below normal level. Channel catfish fair. Hog troughs producing some fish on a variety of baits. Feeders feeding five times a day -- 7 a.m., 8 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Drifters doing well on shad. Sauger poor off rocky points with a jig and minnow at 10-12 feet. White bass fair off rocky points with twisters and spinners. Some were hitting shiners in Rock Creek. White crappie poor on tube jigs or minnows. Fish have moved into summer pattern. Feeders operating in Rock Creek and Thompsonville Boat Ramp.

DOUGLAS STATE LAKE (8-7) -- Bluegill good on pieces of nightcrawlers and crickets under bobber, or artificial flies. Channel catfish good on nightcrawlers, Bee-Jay, shad sides, dead minnows and poultry liver. Crappie fair, but most are small and more catchable in early morning and late evening. Live minnows, pieces of worm or jigs work well. Green sunfish good. Most taken using pieces of nightcrawler under bobber. Jigs and small lures have accounted for some as well. Largemouth bass fair on live minnows, nightcrawlers, plastic worms, spinnerbaits and large crankbaits.

LEAVENWORTH STATE LAKE (8-7) -- Channel catfish good on nightcrawlers, poultry liver and Bee-Jay around feeders. Largemouth bass fair on plastic worms and topwater lures. Fishing has slowed recently. Wiper fair casting bucktail jigs and rattletraps into surfacing schools chasing shad. Remember 18-inch length limit. Aeration system on. Feeders operational.

LONE STAR LAKE (8-7) -- Bluegill fair using pieces of worm, crickets, grasshoppers under bobber. Channel catfish good using prepared baits, shad, sunfish and minnows. Largemouth bass fair using spinnerbaits and plastic worms. Wiper fair using topwater lures and large jigs when wipers hit shad at surface.

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