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Enforcement help

April 9, 2003


To the editor:

The northwestern portion of Douglas County was subject to numerous robberies during the first months of this year. As people informed me time and again of these incidents, I became concerned. I contacted the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and was put in touch with Lt. Kenneth Massey. Lt. Massey was very responsive to my concerns. Due to his responsiveness, I was encouraged to continue along my path of creating a community awareness meeting for people living in the area affected by these incidents.

Lt. Massey followed up with phone calls to ensure that we had a quality meeting. He also had one of the detectives involved in the investigations present at our meeting.

The responsiveness, encouraging attitude and organization of Lt. Massey has helped to promote a community watch program in our area. I encourage other Douglas County neighborhoods and communities to begin a neighborhood watch program. We are only just beginning, and none of us really knew where to start. We are working to become a stronger, more aware community that, along with the Sheriff's Office, can help prevent and solve crimes.

Lori McCarty,


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