Padres’ Nevin apologetic after obscene gesture

? San Diego Padres third baseman Phil Nevin apologized to team officials on Friday for making an obscene gesture at a fan who was riding him for making an error the previous night in an extra-inning win over San Francisco.

General manager Kevin Towers said the team received several e-mails and phone calls from fans who witnessed the exchange between Nevin and the fan, who was sitting near San Diego’s dugout.

“I was wrong. No question about it,” said Nevin, who admitted he’s been frustrated by injuries and the Padres’ losing season. “It will never happen again.”

Nevin was charged with a throwing error in the ninth inning Thursday night, when the Giants rallied to tie the game at 2. The Padres won 3-2 in 10 innings.

A fan yelled at Nevin after the ninth.

“We made eye contact and he kept yelling and I gave him the finger,” Nevin said. “When you make eye contact with somebody it kind of becomes personal, but I didn’t take into account the people who were sitting around him and the people who also would see it. I felt terrible about it.”