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Duck, goose seasons in Kansas include limited adjustments

Pintail limit, teal dates tweaked

September 8, 2002


— This year's Kansas duck and goose season lengths and bag limits include only a few changes from last year.

This year, hunters may include one pintail within their daily bag only during a special pintail season, which runs 39 days in each of three duck zones.

A similar regulation was in effect last year for canvasbacks. However, the season is closed for canvasbacks this year.

Another change includes a reduction in the number of days for the September teal season. Hunters should check the 2002 Kansas Waterfowl Regulations Summary brochure for correct season dates.

The Kansas duck seasons are split into two segments in each duck zone. The High Plains Zone is that part of the state west of U.S. Highway 283.

The Early Zone is a narrow strip of the central part of the state that includes many shallow marshes. The Late Zone is that portion of the state east of the Early Zone.

Detailed maps with zone boundaries are included in the 2002 Waterfowl Regulations Summary, or they can be downloaded from the department's Web site:

Goose seasons include a September Canada goose season that allows hunters to harvest Canada geese only (white-fronted geese may not be taken) from large resident populations in urban zones surrounding Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka and Wichita (see 2002 Waterfowl Regulation Summary for map).

There are two Dark Goose Management Units in southeastern Kansas the Marais des Cygnes Valley Unit and the Southeast Unit (see 2002 Waterfowl Regulation Summary for detailed map). Special permits are NOT required to hunt dark geese within these units although season dates are different from the rest of the state.

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Conservation Order will again allow light geese to be hunted Feb. 3 through April 30. The Conservation Order is in effect to reduce light goose numbers, which have increased to the point that they are destroying their arctic nesting grounds.

During this period, there will be no bag or possession limit on light geese.

In addition, participants will be allowed to use unplugged shotguns and electronic calls and take light geese from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset during this conservation order period.

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