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September 8, 2002


Greece: Terrorist suspect hid on nudist beach

Greece's most-wanted terrorist suspect spent more than a month hiding on a nudist beach near Athens before surrendering to police, authorities said Saturday.

Police said they found a tent and belongings used by 44-year-old Dimitris Koufodinas, the alleged chief assassin of the November 17 terrorist group.

Koufodinas, who has been charged with 17 murders, gave himself up Thursday after taking a taxi to police headquarters in central Athens.

Police said he had been hiding for at least a month on a small beach on Angistri, a small island popular with British tourists, about 31 miles, southeast of Athens. The beach is used by campers and nudists, local residents said.

Moscow:: Derailment backs up Trans-Siberian Railway

A freight train derailed Saturday on the Trans-Siberian Railway, backing up traffic on the 5,760-mile line that is one of Russia's most important transportation arteries. No one was injured.

Nine wagons derailed and flipped over on their sides about 115 miles west of the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, said Eduard Popov, spokesman for the Siberian regional Emergency Situations Ministry. Three of the wagons contained aviation fuel.

Popov said emergency crews were at the site, about 1,620 miles east of Moscow. Russian news reports said one of the wagons was leaking fuel, and fire crews were working to protect the damaged cars.

Officials said it was still too early to say when the line would be cleared and traffic would begin moving again.

Czech Republic: Flood-ravaged zoo reopens to public

Prague's zoo opened Saturday for the first time since being submerged by last month's record floods, albeit with a host of empty cages once inhabited by animals now dead or traumatized.

As visitors trickled back, the empty cages signified the losses suffered when raging floodwaters caught zookeepers off guard, making them unable to save all the creatures in their care.

Despite the warm and sunny weather, the zoo received only 800 visitors a meager amount when compared with a record 16,000 visitors on June 1, zoo spokesman Vit Kahle said.

The 71-year-old zoo suffered about $4.8 million in damages and repairs could take up to three years, Kahle said.

About 90 animals including an elephant, a gorilla, two hippos, a bear, a lion and dozens of birds died from drowning, trauma, injuries or move-related stress.

Nepal : Attack on police kills at least 40

Leftist rebels attacked a police station today in a remote mountain village, killing at least 40 policemen, a government minister said.

"There were at least 40 policemen killed in the attack, and we have reports that another 19 were injured," deputy home minister Devendra Raj Kadel said.

The attack was against a post in Bhiman village, about 100 miles southeast of the capital Katmandu.

The insurgents have been fighting to overthrow Nepal's constitutional monarchy since 1996.

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