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Short and Sweet

September 4, 2002


Jell-O unveils flavors for pudding packs

Just in time to ease the back-to-school doldrums, Jell-O has introduced new pudding-cup flavors.

The new varieties taste like Creme Savers candy; there's Strawberries & Creme, Orange & Creme and Chocolate & Caramel Creme. The puddings come in ready-to-eat cups and are found in the refrigerated aisles of grocery stores.

The suggested retail price is $2.89 for a package of six.

Ideas for school lunches

At many schools, lunch boxes are not refrigerated from morning until lunchtime. That makes food safety every bit as important as nutrition, so it's a good idea to pack foods in insulated lunch boxes.

Use a thermos for hot and cold items, freeze juice boxes and milk to pack alongside sandwiches and even throw in refreezable ice packs.

Here are some lunch box ideas that require no refrigeration:

Mozzarella string cheese with a muffin.

Bagel with raisins.

Tortilla rolled up or pita stuffed with mild cheese and shredded veggies.

Banana bread spread with peanut butter

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