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Graves critic

September 4, 2002


What's more, Mr. Graves makes drastic cuts to senior citizens lunches and then has the audacity to place a million-dollar statue on the Capitol dome. I'm certainly not a rocket scientist, but I do pay my bills before I splurge. Also, I think it fitting to note that Republicans have a great majority in both houses. This means, of course, that Democrats wouldn't have needed to show up or propose anything to still get the job done. They did out of duty to those who elected them and they were rebuffed by people so busy keeping their jobs that they wouldn't do their jobs.

I have had enough of foolishness in our political system. I pray that voters will vote their hearts and their heads and not some silly party affiliation. The people of Kansas expect, and frankly deserve, good and honest government. Our elderly and severely handicapped brothers and sisters do not care about party politics. They care where their next meal is coming from and if they have to choose between food or life-saving medicines.

Mr. Graves, you have said and done enough. What you probably do not expect is the tired public to finally bite back. If you truly want a tip on solving the problems of our state, why don't you start with stopping the dome statue project.

Joe White,


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