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Chiefs won’t punish Roaf

Tackle won’t be fined after weekend arrest

September 4, 2002


— Kansas City Chiefs tackle Willie Roaf, who was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence, will face no disciplinary from the team.

Roaf, a seven-time Pro Bowler with New Orleans who is in his first season with the Chiefs, was stopped by police early Saturday.

"Willie and I talked about it. I don't really plan any discipline," coach Dick Vermeil said at his weekly news conference Tuesday.

"First off, it comes down from the league more so than us. I think the punishment for Willie is his own embarrassment. We talked to the whole squad about it in an NFL session. In some way, maybe a teammate let him down. If they sensed he had too much beer, they shouldn't have let him drive."

Vermeil said he had decided not to fine Roaf, the starting left tackle.

"I'm not a big fine guy," Vermeil said. "I think sometimes the greatest punishment is self. He's embarrassed about it."

In some instances, players who are guilty of driving under the influence are subject to more frequent testing by the league for drug and alcohol abuse.

"It will be determined by the outcome of the legal authorities, if the offense is ultimately a DUI or reckless driving or whatever," Chiefs president Carl Peterson said.

The players were off Tuesday, and Roaf was not available for comment.

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