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s test results to be evaluated by Denver specialist today

September 3, 2002


The score might not have been the worst thing about Kansas University's football season opener.

Sources close to sophomore Banks Floodman said Monday that the linebacker had torn his anterior cruciate ligament during the Jayhawks' 45-3 loss at Iowa State.

Floodman underwent a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure on Sunday. His mother, Sheila Floodman, said those test results had been forwarded to a specialist in Denver for further evaluation.

KU coach Mark Mangino has declined to discuss injuries unless they are season- or career-ending. Sheila Floodman and Wichita Collegiate coach Mike Gehrer both declined to discuss the specifics of Floodman's injury Monday, citing Mangino's policy.

Gehrer, however, acknowledged that he spoke to his former player on Monday in Wichita, where the sophomore was visiting his ailing grandfather.

"He's a little upset," Gehrer said. "He's got a lot invested there. He feels like he's letting a lot of people down."

While ACL tears are often season-ending injuries, some athletes have been able to continue playing with knee braces and delay corrective surgery until after their seasons.

Gehrer said he advised Floodman not to accept that option if it's presented to him.

"You've got a kid up there that's going to be a big-time player," Gehrer said. "Why risk it? I can't imagine anyone telling him to do that. Everybody in American would be going for his knee."

ACL surgery and rehabilitation also is much simpler and faster than it used to be.

"He'd be back as strong as ever," Gehrer said. "It's a very easy decision, but I'm not trying to win games at KU right now."

Floodman, who was an all-state selection for Gehrer's Spartans, played in all 11 games last season as a true freshman and started the final two. He made 41 tackles, including two sacks.

He was off to a fine start Saturday, making eight tackles against ISU before hurting his knee while covering a punt with less than three minutes left in the first half.

Floodman was still listed No. 1 on the depth chart released Monday ahead of junior Glenn Robinson.

Mangino has called Floodman his "best all-around defensive player."

Ironically, one of KU's best all-around offensive players was Harrison Hill. The receiver, who also is a Wichita Collegiate graduate, left the team during the preseason when he was unable to overcome chronic dehydration.

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