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Pollard sees clone of himself in Simien

Power forward from Sacramento Kings comments on KU’s big men

September 1, 2002


Notes compiled while watching current and former Kansas Jayhawks compete in pick-up basketball games last week at Allen Fieldhouse. ...

Sacramento Kings forward Scot Pollard on KU sophomore forward Wayne Simien:

"He's good, really strong. I love the way he posts up. He gets position real well on the boards," the 6-11, 265-pound-pound Pollard said of 6-9, 250-pound Simien. "He reminds me of myself on offense. He could be a little more aggressive taking the ball up and making smarter moves with it. (Bleep), I'm still doing that and I've been in the NBA five years. I'm not criticizing him at all."

On KU's Moulaye Niang, a 6-9, 205 freshman from Senegal: "He is raw. He is athletic, very tall. He seems a little tired. I'm sure that'll change. He'll get in shape," Pollard said.

On Jeff Graves, 6-9, 265 junior from Iowa Western Community College: "He's very skilled already," Pollard said of Graves, who is solid up top, but still appears to need to shed about 15 pounds in the midsection. "He'll get in shape," Pollard added. "They'll get him in shape or they won't let him see the court." ...

Ex Jayhawk Rex Walters on the two new big men: " I think if you took 20 (pounds) off Jeff and put it on Moulaye you'd have two physical specimens. He (Graves) has to lose some weight. It'll come naturally. It'll all work out. Coach Williams is pretty good at this thing called coaching.

"You definitely need at least one of the two of them to be a guy you can throw in the mix and play solid basketball," Walters added.

"Nick Collison on nights is going to get in foul trouble. Wayne Simien on nights is gonna get in foul trouble. You don't have the luxury of a Jeff Carey anymore."

Power forward Carey used up his eligibility last season.

Pollard asked how many Jayhawks will someday join him in the NBA: "It's impossible to say. When I was in college I don't think there's a lot of people who would say I'd be in the NBA. I believed this since the first time I saw him play that Billy Thomas should be in the NBA, yet here he is, he's got a couple of workouts (coming up with NBA teams) every year he gets a couple of workouts.

"I know more than anybody timing is everything in this league. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time my rookie year (with Detroit) and it got worse, then it got better, got a whole lot better (in Sacramento). You've got to keep trying as long as your body allows you and that's the advice I give Billy."

Walters on going against KU's Kirk Hinrich in pickup action: "I try to guard Kirk. Aaron Miles has got this love infatuation with Kirk and wants to guard him every game. I've got to fight Aaron off to get a piece of Kirk," he quipped.

Walters on KU's guards: " I thought last year Kirk was going to be the best point guard in the nation. Aaron was good enough to move Kirk to the two-spot. Kirk turned out to be one of the best 2 guards in the nation. I don't know who I'd take over those two. Throw in a Keith Langford you've got a great perimeter basketball team."

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