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Heston draws crowd to NRA rally

October 31, 2002


— More than 1,000 people turned out for a National Rifle Assn. get-out-the-vote rally Wednesday night to see actor Charlton Heston, the group's president.

Heston, who was diagnosed with symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease earlier this year, appeared tired and frail. His speech at times was disjointed and he spoke for only a couple of minutes.

"This election is very important this next election just days away," Heston said. "And the reason it is important is it is a vote for freedom.

The famous actor has worked rope lines and rallies for the NRA in New Hampshire, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota and Colorado homes to some of the hottest Senate races. He was in Arizona just hours before his Wichita stop.

Heston and other NRA leaders urged Kansas gun owners to get out the vote for candidates willing to support the right to own guns.

Also speaking briefly at the rally was Tim Shallenburger, Republican candidate for governor; Rep. Todd Tiahrt, running for re-election to the 4th District; and Phill Kline, Republican candidate for attorney general.

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president, urged the cheering crowd to vote for those candidates in Tuesday's election.

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