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Sebelius ad attacks Shallenburger’s attack

October 30, 2002


Democrat Kathleen Sebelius has had little trouble attacking and counterattacking Republican Tim Shallenburger, both in advertisements and in campaign appearances.

Here is an analysis of a recent Sebelius television advertisement that attacks an earlier Shallenburger advertisement.

Narrator: "It's sad, Tim Shallenburger's negative campaign. News media and law enforcement call it misleading."

Footage of a Shallenburger ad is shown in which he accuses Sebelius of being soft on crime and of voting for tax increases; two newspaper headlines that allude to that ad are shown.

Fact: After release of the Shallenburger television ad, a group of law officers and firefighters who support Sebelius had a news conference coordinated by the Sebelius campaign. At that event, the law officers called Shallenburger's ad misleading. The Sebelius campaign also has launched so-called negative ads that Shallenburger claims are misleading.

Narrator: "The true facts: Kathleen Sebelius voted in favor of tough crime measures 48 times. Kansas law enforcement has endorsed Kathleen Sebelius for governor."

The visual shows Sebelius speaking to law officers with a graphic showing the names of the Fraternal Order of Police, Friends of Kansas State Troopers and Kansas State Council of Firefighters.

Fact: The Fraternal Order of Police and Friends of Kansas State Troopers have endorsed both Sebelius and Shallenburger, saying either one would make a good governor. The Kansas State Council of Firefighters is affiliated with the Kansas AFL-CIO. Its endorsement in the governor's race is solely for Sebelius. The 48 votes on crime measures refer to her tenure in the Kansas House. The tally was compiled by her campaign.

Narrator: "Shallenburger is so desperate, he even claimed Sebelius voted for a tax increase, when the record proves that Sebelius actually voted against it."

Fact: This statement refers to a Shallenburger ad that refers to backup material on Shallenburger's Web site. The material says Sebelius voted in 1989 for House Bill 2014, which increased taxes to finance the state highway plan. What the Web site doesn't mention is that Sebelius initially voted for the bill but noted in the House Journal she did that to move the proposal to the Senate. She stated she opposed the tax increases in the bill and would vote against the measure if it came back to the House with the increases in it. The bill eventually did include a tax increase, and she did vote against it, as did Shallenburger.

Man on camera: "Hey Tim, enough with the negative ads. Kansas deserves better."

Fact: The man who says that in the ad is Swede Swenson, a volunteer in Sebelius' campaign.

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