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Another ban?

October 27, 2002


To the editor:

It's interesting how a few radicals with nothing but time on their hands can bring about change. It is even more interesting that, with the exception of Marty Kennedy, the city commissioners decided to heed their advice and vote for a ban on fireworks in Lawrence. Common sense should have told the commissioners that a ban would be impossible to enforce and that the majority of Lawrence citizens would be outraged by their decision.

Perhaps they thought the radicals had a good point though. Fireworks have been suspected to be the cause of a couple of fires including one at an apartment on Colorado Street. It is also true that fireworks are the cause of trash and smoke three days out of the year. So if the city commissioners are in the mood to ban items that are a fire hazard and cause trash and smoke, let's put a ban on smoking in Lawrence too.

Last summer, there was a house that caught fire because of a cigarette, and it's statistically proven there are more injuries caused by cigarettes than by fireworks. So I definitely believe there should be a ban. I'm tired of the constant smell of cigarette smoke when I'm walking downtown too. Cigarette butts littering the sidewalks are quite distasteful and cleaning up after a careless smoker is a never-ending job.

Something tells me that the city commissioners won't take my advice to put a ban on cigarettes. However, I find it very interesting that they'll listen to a minority of citizens who are opposed to fireworks simply because they cannot stand them for three days a year.

Eric J. Garrett,


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