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Father offended

October 23, 2002


To the editor:

I would just like to write in hopes that a certain man reads this and knows who he is.

You were grocery shopping with your young daughter Wednesday night (Oct. 16) in northwest Law-rence. The courtesy clerk who sacked your groceries greeted you and your daughter. While you were busy paying for the groceries the clerk paid some attention to your daughter, saying "hello" and asking her how old she is, etc.

After you paid for your groceries you cussed out this clerk and rudely told her never to talk to your daughter. You yelled so at this young lady that she cried and then you walked out.

I just wanted you to know that this young lady is someone's daughter, too, and she in no way talked to your daughter the way that you did to her.

You see, this young lady is my daughter and sir, you are a lousy example of a parent if this is how you conduct yourself in front of your preschooler and out in the general public. You should feel lucky that I was not on hand to witness your abusive behavior towards my daughter. You should hope we never meet. You do not even realize what a complete jerk you made out of yourself and you probably do not care either.

Sam Hunsaker,


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