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Year of Mountains inspires new stamps

October 20, 2002


Stamps in the shape of mountains? Take a peak!

Yes, the latest stamp set from Canada features eight new 48-cent stamps shaped like mountains. The stamps are dedicated to the 2002 International Year of Mountains declared by the United Nations.

The colorful collection represents the highest peaks of the seven continents: Mount Elbrus in Europe, Puncak Jaya in Oceania, Mount Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Vinson Massif in Antarctica, Aconcagua in South America and Mount McKinley in North America. Canada's highest peak, Mount Logan, is depicted on the eighth stamp.

Canada Post announced that the mountain stamps also celebrate Stamp Collecting Month to help promote the hobby of stamp collecting and entice new collectors to participate in the fun of philately.

Stamps and first-day covers of the mountains issue are available from Canada Post Corp., 2701 Riverside Dr., Suite 141, Ottawa, ON, KIA OB1, Canada. Or call toll free (809)-565-4362.

U.S. stamp schedule

The U.S. Postal Service soon will announce its 2003 schedule.

One of the first issues on the agenda in January will be a commemorative stamp honoring Thurgood Marshall, famed civil rights lawyer and the first black U.S. Supreme Court justice. The new 37-cent stamp will feature a photo of Marshall taken in 1967 soon after his appointment.

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