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Bulldogs take third

Doubles pairs finish in 4th, 5th place

October 20, 2002


Baldwin High tennis coach Ginny Honomichl's utopia on Saturday would have been a 1-2 finish for her doubles teams at the Class 4A state tournament at the Lawrence Tennis Center.

She'll settle for 4th and 5th because: "it got us third at state," said a happy Honomichl, whose Bulldogs scored 18 points.

Marysville won the team championship with 33 points; Parsons was second at 27.

The eventual doubles champs, Parsons' Jennifer Mosier and Brandi Shultz, beat Baldwin's top team of senior Holly Oakleaf and junior Kalie Harris in Saturday's semifinals. In the consolation finals, the Bulldogs fared no better.

"We could have done better if we had a better day, but we played," said Oakleaf after she and Harris fell, 6-0, 6-4, to Larned's Charlotte Dikeman and Kelsey Flint and settled for fourth place.

"It's a little sad but it hasn't really hit me yet. It'll probably hit me when I'm not out here with these guys next year."

Baldwin's other senior-junior pair, Carissa Venable and Jamie Lawrenz, struggled Friday but played strong Saturday, defeating Marysville's Emily Pralle and Lindsay Eichelberger, 9-3, in the fifth-place match.

"I think we had our mind set that we wanted this," said Lawrenz. "We got over (not playing for a championship) and played on."

Honomichl echoed those sentiments, saying Saturday was an appropriate ending to Baldwin's season.

"All year our doubles have been so close," she said. "To finish fourth and fifth, it's sort of symbolic of the way our season's been for this team," she said.

Now, Baldwin has two top-five state finishers who each need a doubles partner, and Honomichl might have started preparing her players for next year.

Baldwin's Jamie Lawrenz returns a serve during the fifth-place
match at the 4A state tournament on Saturday at the Lawrence Tennis

Baldwin's Jamie Lawrenz returns a serve during the fifth-place match at the 4A state tournament on Saturday at the Lawrence Tennis Center.

"I could know one of my entries maybe for next year," Honomichl said. "We'll see, we'll see."

Mosier and Shultz defeated Marysville's Tiffany Pralle and Lana Staggenborg in the doubles championship, 6-0, 6-1.

El Dorado sophomore Stephanie Darwin defeated Andover Central sophomore Lindsey McKay, 7-5, 6-3, in the singles final.

Team Results

1. Marysville, 33; 2. Parsons, 27; 3. Baldwin, 18; 4. El Dorado, 16; 5. Andover Central, 14; 6. Independence, 13; 7. Larned, 12; 8. Smoky Valley, 9; 9. Topeka Hayden, 6; 10. (tie) Chaparral and Ulysses, 5; 12. (tie) Abilene and Chapman, 4; 14. (tie) Colby and Pratt, 3.

Individual Results


1st Stephanie Darwin, El Dorado, def. Lindsey McKay, Andover Central, 7-5, 6-3. 3rd Michelle McCormack, Marysville, def. Ashton Lawrence, Parsons, 6-1, 6-3. 5th MaryAnne Talbott, Smoky Valley, def. Kelsey Stephens, Independence, 9-3. 7th Katherine Olson, Topeka Hayden, def. Katie McKee, Chaparral, 10-9 (7-3). 9th Jenna Murphey, Chapman, def. Whitney Galle, Pratt, 9-3.


1st Jennifer Mosier and Brandi Shultz, Parsons, def. Tiffany Pralle and Lana Staggenborg, Marysville, 6-0, 6-1. 3rd Charlotte Dikeman and Kelsey Flint, Larned, def. Kalie Harris and Holly Oakleaf, Baldwin, 6-0, 6-4. 5th Jamie Lawrenz and Carissa Venable, Baldwin, def. Emily Pralle and Lindsay Eichelberger, Marysville, 9-3. 7th Shannon Beurskens and Meghan Kelly, Independence, def. Hitomi Greene and Shelly Skiles, Ulysses, 9-4. 9th Stacia Whittecar and Jessica Schmitz, Abilene, def. Becky Lang and Diane Wilson, Colby, 9-5.

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