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October 15, 2002


New York City: ImClone chief to plead guilty

Sam Waksal, the founder and former CEO of ImClone Systems Inc. and a friend of Martha Stewart, was expected to plead guilty to multiple charges in the company's insider trading case, a law enforcement source told The Associated Press on Monday.

Waksal faces federal charges of securities fraud, perjury, bank fraud and obstruction of justice. The source, who requested anonymity, would not say to which charges Waksal was to plead guilty.

He was expected to make his plea today.

Ohio: Evolution issue advances to state school board vote

A state school board panel Monday recommended that Ohio science classes emphasize both evolution and the debate over its validity.

The committee left it up to individual school districts to decide whether to include in the debate the concept of "intelligent design," which holds that the universe is guided by a higher intelligence.

The guidelines for the science curriculum simply put into writing what many school districts already do. The current guidelines do not even mention evolution.

The Ohio school board will decide today in Columbus whether to adopt the new standards or order that they be revised.

Pakistan: U.S., Pakistani troops conduct joint exercises

Even as newly powerful Islamic parties denounced the presence of American troops on Pakistani soil, a contingent of U.S. soldiers arrived Monday for joint military exercises the first since Washington lifted sanctions on Pakistan earlier this year.

The exercises will focus on small-arms training and small-unit tactics and will last for about three weeks, the U.S. Embassy said.

The exercises are the first since the United States imposed sanctions in 1998 to protest Islamabad's decision to follow rival India and conduct nuclear tests. Pakistan became a crucial ally after the Sept. 11 attacks, and the sanctions were removed this year.

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