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Bush support

October 11, 2002


In 1988, pursuant to orders from Saddam Hussein, thousands of Kurd Iraqi citizens were killed by the use of chemical weapons. I vividly recall the pictures of women dead in the streets of Iraqi villages clutching their dead children. These people died horribly painful and slow deaths due to the use on them of chemicals by Hussein. This is the vision which should keep Ms. Jost awake at night. This is reality.

My guess is that most Iraqi mothers secretly hope for an Iraq without Saddam Hussein. No Hussein would mean much more safety for the children of Iraq. Of course, Iraqi women cannot express their views, for doing so would likely result in the women being raped, tortured or murdered by Hussein's henchmen.

Assuming Osama bin Laden is dead, Saddam Hussein is the most despicable, dangerous and evil man on the planet. I support President Bush using whatever means needed to rid the world of Hussein. If Ms. Jost truly cares about the well-being of Iraqi children, and I'm sure she does, she should also support President Bush.

Stan Hazlett,


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