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City in decline

October 3, 2002


Total lack of planning future growth (city), arrogance of other people's heritage, traditions and rights (city and country) and the irrational assumption that we (individuals, companies and national leaders) have the duty to inflict our will on others, have made us unAmerican. Let us all remember the lessons of our predecessors. Jesus taught us to love one another (everyone) while our forefathers professed us to be a nation under God. While our instinct to succeed and persevere is God-given, so is our responsibility to grant all others the same privilege and duty. The message has been the same for eternity. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Every one is a blessed creature. Let's practice what we preach, people.

Hypocrites are what we've become and we will receive our just desserts.

David Winn,


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